Yoga: a new tool for kid’s health

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In fact, many of the traumas, anxieties and fears of adults are sown in childhood and low self-esteem underlies many of these fears and anxieties. In this way, yoga has introduced new tools to teach children how to deal with stress and become happier adults.

In this sense, it is through yoga programmes in the comfort of children’s own homes that Tânia Costa, Kids Yoga Teacher, wants to help these children to better deal with everyday challenges and improve their self-confidence.

When a child or teenager begins to show signs of insecurity, “parents often think that this will pass soon, but if nothing is done, it only gets worse,” she said.

Kids Yoga Benefits

Yoga helps to teach how to respect your own body. “On a physical level, yoga will strengthen muscles, improve coordination and balance. In addition, it prevents poor posture problems, which is important nowadays, because all children have poor posture due to the use of phones and computer”, said Tânia Costa who at the moment works with kids between five and 14 years old.

Regarding to the mental health benefits, “yoga promotes attention, awareness and concentration, as well as patience, respect and tolerance”, she explained. All of this ends up improving school outcomes because if a child is less anxious about the future and more confident, they will be further motivated to study.

Replace gaming time with yoga

Tânia is based in Portimão, Algarve, but during the pandemic, she started working 100 percent online and what at first seemed crazy and scary quickly became a great experience. For that reason, even with the ease of lockdown she’s planning to keep with the new format.

“I was thinking that online classes wouldn’t work, but on the contrary, I have more students now and from all over the place. Also, according to parent’s feedback, their children are doing better. Perhaps because they are at home, they feel safer and share much more about what they feel at school and the difficulties they encounter”, said Tânia.

“Apparently what seems like one more activity for kids to be exposed to the computer has actually replaced their time playing video games with yoga and that’s been amazing,” she highlighted.

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