15 Fun Spring Break Activities for Children

By Apryl Duncan for thespruce.com

Beat any boredom over spring break with some fun and creative activities. With just a little planning, you can keep kids engaged and even work in a little education. Plus, many activities can actually be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Here are 15 spring break activities that are great for kids.

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Blow Bubbles

family playing with bubbles
 Robert Daly / Getty Images

The sunshine and warm weather is back, so break out the bubbles. Point out to your kids how the light can make those bubbles look like magical rainbow-colored spheres.

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Enjoy Nature Activities

kids on a blanket on grass
 Floresco Productions / Getty Images

Now that you can actually go outside without having to wear a snowsuit, enjoy some of the new life sprouting around you. Play games outside, go on a treasure hunt, or camp in the backyard. Learn about the new plants that are sprouting with your kids, and take note of the animals returning to the landscape.

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Fly Somewhere From Your Living Room

child playing with a toy airplane
 Hero Images / Getty Images

Go anywhere you want in the world without ever leaving home. Play airplane with your children, and simulate a flight to your ideal destination. Let them pick the place (or places) where they want to go, and dress for the weather there. Learn some facts about that destination as you munch on typical airplane snacks.

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