5 Stars! I am Impressed with the program!

“5 Stars! Coming from an education background and having taught Special Education for years, I was very interested in seeing what this program had to offer. I have a nephew that I decided to test it out with. He is young, but he is smart, so I knew it would be something he would be able to do. I was certain I would get a good understanding of the program and the benefits it afforded.

And I was very impressed with it. It took me some time to get together with my nephew to give it a fair evaluation, but once we were able to sit down with the computer and go through things, he took off with it and blew me away! It took a few tries to teach him how to use the program and to listen and follow directions, but once we figured that out, he did great. Being young, his attention span was not the greatest, but for the time he was online and using it, he was engaged and interacted with the program exactly as he was supposed to.

The intro video was very helpful and informative. As a teacher, I appreciate the design of the program and the inclusion of this video for parents. They point out important details like not helping the child because then the program would not know what the child is able to do versus what they were aided with. They also included great coaching verbiage for the parent, showing them how best to support their child when they need help. This was also repeated in the instructions for the assessments. Great job, Reading Kingdom developers!

The graphics and eye appeal is wonderful. They are bright and colorful and super cute! It is definitely something younger children will be attracted to and engaged with. I also appreciate the email updates. Each time my child completed a lesson or activity I received an email letting me know. I know with my own older children, they log on and off at various times during the day to play in the various learning games I allow them to use (we have a strict no-technology policy during the week), and sometimes I don’t even realize they have logged in or I don’t know what they have logged in TO. It is nice seeing something automatically report access, prompting you to view any progress and reports.

My overall impression of this program is that it is very well developed and is based on solid research. I love all of the information available on their website, as well as the information that can be downloaded in PDF that show parents and educators why the program works.

I am impressed with the program and if I were back in the classroom, this is something I would want to invest in for my own students. The Company also offers a vast array of products that can be purchased, all of which appear to be just as impressive as this program.”

— Trisha Smith, Direct Sales Support Center

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