6 Amazing Kids Entrepreneurs Who Will Motivate You

by Barbara L Crider for vizaca.com

If you are an adult today, managing a business was the last thought on your mind as a child. But for some kids, the sense of entrepreneurship catches on at an early age. 

And today, more kid entrepreneurs are changing the small business landscape than ever. These 6 kid entrepreneurs are business powerhouses in progress. And every small business owner, whether young or old, could learn from them.

1. Erik Finman

As a child, Erik Finman jumped from school to school and was often bullied emotionally and physically. A particularly mean teacher advising the Idaho native to “drop out and work at McDonald’s because [he’d] never amount to anything.

Erik eventually dropped out of school, but not his learning. He created his education atmosphere from home, using a computer and an Internet connection, and named it Botangle (a combination of “robotics” and “angle“). “I created this side project to kind of save myself,” he said “Its mission is to replace the public education system because of my really terrible experiences in it.” When the robotics genius was 15, he took his project to the next level, launching it as a fee-based online video guidance service. He bootstrapped the startup on his own, using $100,000 he’d cashed-out from a fortunate early Bitcoin investment. Today, he manages a team of programmers, not only for Botangle but for several other likely projects.

What Erik enjoys most being a kid entrepreneur:

The most fun thing is to not have to go to school. I get the freedom to travel, hang out with the most important people in every industry and work on what I love.

Erik’s advice:

Be selfish. I think [the word] ‘selfish’ is just a tainted word for self-leadership. Lead yourself through life, do what you love, build what you want to build, go where you want to go.

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