89% of College Students Admit to Using ChatGPT for Homework (study)

Educators are battling a new reality: easily accessible AI that allows students to take immense shortcuts in their education — and as it turns out, many appear to already be cheating with abandon.

Online course provider Study.com asked 1,000 students over the age of 18 about the use of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s blockbuster chatbot, in the classroom.

The responses were surprising. A full 89 percent said they’d used it on homework. Some 48 percent confessed they’d already made use of it to complete an at-home test or quiz. Over 50 percent said they used ChatGPT to write an essay, while 22 percent admitted to having asked ChatGPT for a paper outline.

Honestly, those numbers sound so staggeringly high that we wonder about Study.com’s methodology. But if there’s a throughline here, it’s that AI isn’t just getting pretty good — it’s also already weaving itself into the fabric of society, and the results could be far-reaching.

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