A Guide to (Most of the ) Used Gear Shops Across the Country

By Isak Kvam for adventure-journal.com


Buy used, buy used, buy used. It should be a mantra for most of us outdoor gear nerds. Buying used saves a ton of money, and keeps that gear, at least temporarily, from being tossed into a landfill and is one less new piece of equipment that needs to be made and shipped somewhere. But used gear stores also have something new gear stores can lack: mystery, and even a kind of soul. A heartbeat that thrums along, greeting you each time you enter its doors and wander through its Willy Wonka-like display of knicked cams, piled-high ski boots, dented campstoves, and puffies with a small-but-noticeable patina of campfires past. They’re special. And all too rare these days.

Every community deserves one of these places. Where parents can buy their kids’ very first ski set-up without dipping into their college funds, only to be replaced year after year on the exact same countertop. Where beginners can ask question after question to calm their fears about their next trip while veterans nod along quietly, reminiscing about their own first trips. Can those things happen in new retail shops? Of course. But is a used gear store likely to have a particularly unique vibe? You bet. And unique vibes are the best vibes.

There are more than a hundred used gear shops across the nation—likely many more than that, actually, but they aren’t always easy to discover. We scoured the web and asked over a hundred outdoor enthusiasts to share all the used outdoor stores they had visited. The result: a non-exhaustive list of 100-plus used gear shops around the U.S. organized by state and city.

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