Helping Your Child with ADHD to Read

The Reading Kingdom can be a great asset to help a child with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) learn to read, but some children may need additional physical support.

For children with ADHD, I recommend providing additional hand support which is outlined in this document “What to do when a child needs help with the mouse and keyboard.”

The goal is to support the child’s hand and not let the child to move to a wrong key or click on a wrong choice when using the keyboard and the mouse (though it is important that you should not move the child’s hand to the correct answer – let the child do it, but prevent the child from selecting the wrong item).

Children sometimes resist this, but it can prove to be very effective. If the child resists we recommend that you explain that “This can really help you focus–so we will do it for a while.” As performance improves, you can allow a small part of the session to be completed without hand support and gradually increase that over time.

Do not be concerned that the child will not become independent. Children always move on to independence. But for now, the support can be of great value.