5 Apps for Kids to Explore Space: Summer Learning Series

Does your child get exciting about space and the Universe around us? If so, they’ll love using these 5 apps for kids to explore space all summer long.  Our friends at Kindertown explain why:

5 Apps for kids to explore space


Learning Area: Science

Price (as of publishing): $3.99

Device: iPad

Kids Discovery Space is an excellent app for sparking and flaming a love of space and science. This very large app (at the time of this review 442MB!) takes up a lot of space on your device, but is filled with brilliant image, facts, timelines and videos. Kids move through the pages with a simple swipe, but there are elements on each page for digging deeper. Some pages have a read aloud feature, but there are many areas where a parent needs to support a younger child by reading and explaining the text.

KidsMag Issue 2

Learning Area: Science

Price (as of publishing): $2.99 & Free to try version

Device: iPad

KidsMag takes the traditional children’s magazine and makes it come alive with thematic interactive games, teaching moments, art and music. Issue 2 will have your child soaring through space, exploring the human body and going on a trip to the circus. KidsMag integrates vocabulary lessons with meaningful Math, Science and Language activities, created in a learning environment that kids thrive in. 30 pages of activities refresh with a new game or look at the shake of the iPad. Your child will be absorbed in KidsMag.


Learning Area: Science

Price (as of publishing): FREE

Device: iPhone

NASA is a fantastic app for seeing, hearing and investigating Science alongside your child. Watch videos, browse through images and stay in touch with NASA missions, news and programing. The app is developed for adults, so you will find access to social media in the app. We recommend it for helping your child dig deeper into what they are learning at school, or for sparking a new interest.

There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System

Learning Area: Science

Price (as of publishing): $4.99

Device: Universal

There’s No Place Like Space! brings child driven vocabulary learning to the topic of space. This eBook transforms the original text by allowing children to tap to receive information on each image while learning basic facts about each planet. Engaging Science question and answer sessions, child friendly design, parent information page, and 2 levels of reading support creates an ideal learning environment. Watch your child tap on pictures to learn new words and start talking about planets and physics with this interactive eBook.


Learning Area: Science

Price (as of publishing): $2.99 / $3.99

Device: iPhone / iPad

StarTracker lets you explore space in this dynamic app. Hold up your device, tilt, move and turn to search the sky. View stars, planets, constellations and more with settings to customize the amount and content. The open-ended value of the app makes it great for kids, parents and sparking an interest in discovering more about space.

Explore the solar system and make your own solar eclipse with this educational activity for kids.

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