ASD Reading Review: “I love that she is having fun reading and learning how to use the key board on the computer.”

“Summer 2020 is definitely a different one. Normally we are taking picnics in the park, walking the outlet mall, frequenting the beach or hitting up of the nearby theme parks we have season passes too, but not this year. I had grand plans for the summer but with the pandemic we have decided to stay closer to home this year. The kids have not been to a store since March and we have run out of scavenger hunt ideas. We have been filling our time with movie marathons, craft time and lots and lots of hide and seek. Since we spend a vast majority of our time at home I wanted to continue working with Charlie on her school work. Our school work, I am sure like most peoples, at the end of the school year was very lacking. Teachers were overwhelmed, students were struggling and virtual schooling was a whole new ball game.  I wanted to make sure that when Charlie starts the second grade this fall she was on time, comfortable and ready to learn.  I have tried multiple different learning programs and books with her and she needs something interactive to keep her attention.  Reading from a work book does not cut it. We have ASD Reading when looking for a solid program and it was exactly what we were looking  for.

ASD Reading is a reading program for children with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD). It helps them learn how to read, write and comprehend. To start the program is asses your child’s current level with a pre-test to begin, if they have no experience they can start automatically one level one.  The program is interactive and adapts to your child’s specific needs and skills.  It uses fun interactive games and graphics, to help reinforce meaning. The program is meant to help teach your child to a 3rd grade reading level in 12-18 months.  This program is the only one that teaches all 6 skills needed required for reading writing success which is why it works so well.  The program sends your weekly updates on your child’s progress so you can follow along with their progress.

Charlie absolutely loves to play, She does a lesson a day and they normally take 15 minutes to complete. She loves the different games, fun pop ups and animations that she sees a long that way. I love that she is having fun reading and learning how to use the key board on the computer. She is learning well rounded skills that she will be able to carry to the classroom this fall. They keyboard work has been the most impressive part for me. There are a lot of programs that will teach you how to read but not a lot that will actually help your child use a keyboard.

I absolutely love ASD Reading. The program has helped Charlie continue her reading writing skills through the summer! It’s a great interactive game that keeps her interested and learning.”


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