ASD Reading Review: “It is really nice that this program has been made to adjust to the needs of your child.”

“ASD reading is a program you can use on your computer to help your children learn to read. You don’t have to have another program before you start this or know your ABCs or letter sounds, all children, even non-verbal, can use it. It has a nice guide to help you teach the mouse and keypad to your children.  Mason was confused at first, because on the computer screen, the letters were in lower case but on our keypad they are capital letters only. With his eye problems that he needs glasses for, he had a difficult time looking all the way down at the keyboard and back up at the screen and then back down to double-check, even with the time turned as high as 200%, it’s just too hard for him because of his eye trouble. We found a happy medium with having the keypad on the screen and having him use the mouse to click the letter rather than try to look down at his fingers to find the right key. It is really nice that this program has been made to adjust to the needs of your child. I was surprised when I was reading a story in the evening and Mason pointed to the word “some” and said it correctly.  He has a lot to learn but how exciting that he is starting to know them. Miranda is an animal lover and she enjoyed the cute graphics of fish, birds, and more.  In the picture below, when she was learning, the program would put a bird on the boy and say “bird”, showing the word below, then add more and say “some more birds”. I love that the graphics help to explain the meaning of the words right before their very eyes. When I was reading a story to her one evening, and I had to pause to answer another child’s question, she found the word, “bird” on the page and pointed it out to me. I was surprised and pleased that she now recognizes this word!

I do think this program is “the answer” to our reading struggles. It is really a great program. I think it teaches in the way that Mason and Miranda need to learn from.”

— Amy Marohl

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