ASD Reading Review “Very Helpful!”

“ASD Reading is for children ages 4 thru 15 that are on the Autism Spectrum. Having a 15 year old daughter on the Autism Spectrum that struggles in many areas I was intrigued by this program. ASD Reading can be used with kids who are non-verbal or verbal. You can use ASD Reading if your child doesn’t have any reading skills, and those who don’t even know their letters. The only requirement is that they need to be able to sit down for a bit to work on the computer or tablet.

ASD Reading teaches a method created by Dr. Marion Blank. She uses what he calls the 6-SIM (Six Skill Integrated) they teach all the components of the words, including the vocabulary of the word. ASD Reading is going to teach reading, writing, and phonics with the ability to decode words. Grammar and comprehension also is taught in the program.

The program is a good balance for children on the spectrum. I found that it wasn’t too distracting and yet it had enough of visuals to keep my daughter interested in the program. The pace seemed just right for my daughter. I have an older daughter who has recently recognized that some programs are extremely “babyish”, as she puts it. This one isn’t so bad according to my daughter.

Overall, I think the lessons are engaging for my daughter. She thought that the lessons are fun. She likes that they don’t have too much going on in sound or graphics. She doesn’t get distracted using ASD Reading. It really showed me where my daughter is academically in several areas. This has changed a few of my plans for the coming year with her for school. Very helpful!”

— Renee Knoblauch