Ask Reading Kingdom: Helping the Auditory Learner

Jeane asks:

My daughter, Eva, is an auditory learner, and she has trouble connecting sounds and writing. How can I help her connect the two?

It sounds like Eva wants to write a particular word, but cannot determine which letters to write down for the various sounds in the word.

It might be helpful for Eva if you write the word on a card, have her look at it, then cover the word and ask her to write it. If that is still troublesome, keep the model in view and have her copy it; then take the model away and have her reproduce it from memory.

Long-term visual memory is the key to effective writing of words (i.e., spelling). The technique just outlined is one way of fostering this skill.

If this technique is not working for Eva, please let me know so I can offer a different solution.

How the Reading Kingdom program can help

The Reading Kingdom can help because all its formats help your child develop the visual memory that is central to effective reading and writing. This starts right at the beginning of the program with the Seeing Sequences format and is then reinforced in the Letter Land and subsequent word instruction formats. And because the teaching of visual memory is embedded in fun activities, your child develops the skill easily, naturally and fluidly.

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