Ask Reading Kingdom: What Are Some Reading Skills Strategized For Struggling Readers?


8 Reading Skills Strategized For Struggling Readers

1. Never let the child you are teaching to flounder with error
For example, never say “try again” without having provided new input that can help your child overcome the error.

2. Engage in short but frequent sessions of practice

3. Build up visual skills, particularly memory- based visual sequencing
These skills have been neglected and they are much easier for the child to use than sound analysis skills. Yet they can be as effective, or even more effective, than sound analysis skills.

4. Develop skills with the little (non-content) words
The little words such as the, who and of (their official name is non-content words) comprise the majority of the words on a page and are critical to meaning. Yet, in teaching a child to read, they are often neglected, since they “cannot be sounded out”.

5. Developing accurate writing
Accurate writing is a cornerstone of accurate reading!

6. Avoid working with lists of disconnected words
Studying words that are grouped together only because they share similar sounds does not teach a child the skills necessary to read “real” books.

7. Don’t merely ask questions to test for reading comprehension
Instead of asking questions, provide relevant summary comments leaving off the last word or two—that the child then fills in—then have the child say the entire sentence. This modeling is very effective for teaching comprehension and it also builds up a child’s ability to speak in complex sentences.

8. Consider hand support
For young challenged readers here is a tip that is enormously valuable and generally not simply neglected but ignored – provide your child with hand support. Some kids can be whizzes on computer games, but still slow to develop a range of other fine motor skills, particularly those required for handwriting. Hand support improves motor skills.

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