Ask Reading Kingdom: What is the Right Age for Harry Potter Books?



JK Rowling has created an empire with the Harry Potter books series.  But what is the right age for children to appreciate these books?

Jeffrey asks:

How old do you think a child should be before you start reading Harry Potter to him/her?

Dr. Marion Blank (Founder of answers:

There are certain experiences in every field that hold a certain magic. In the field of literature, Harry Potter represents one of those bits of magic. I have seen children who could barely read independently and who hated reading. Nevertheless, they devour the Harry Potter books. Until children can do that their own, it’s great to have a parent read the books to them. Generally a child should be around seven to eight years to appreciate the many facets of the stories. It’s easy to determine if your child is ready. When he or she is about that age, start reading the book aloud for 15-20 minutes at a time. As long as the child is alert and interested, that’s the sign that this is the right time.

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