Ask Reading Kingdom:My child who has serious reading problems is in fourth grade. The school thinks he may have dyslexia. Where should I send him to school?

Child hiding from reading

Your question implies that you are in the fortunate situation of having the option of placing your child in a choice of schools. If that is the case, there are many advantages in having them attend a school that specializes in teaching children with learning disabilities. It is, of course, essential to check out the school (e.g., by visiting it, speaking to parents whose children are in the school, etc.). If all seems well, this type of placement can be very effective. Among other things, it will help your child by giving them the time and skills to master the activities that have been causing difficulties, while at the same time, removing many tasks that they cannot handle. They will also realize that they are not “alone” and that many students share the same difficulties. At the same time, keep in mind that many public school programs offer quality services for students with learning disabilities. It would be worthwhile for you to visit the programs that are available in your school district and see if you feel that your child’s needs could be met through the services they offer.

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