Arts education connects students to learning

2nd gradeThe second-grade classes created the mosaics on this board as part of their Connect the Arts program and their English language studies for different artists and authors. The artists being studied included Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Matisse and Whistler.

Visual art is being used to take Language Arts to the next level, read more about what this creative Elemantary school is doing in this article by Patricia Faulhaber in the The Suburbanite.

The elementary schools at Jackson Local are participating in a unique arts program called Connect the Arts. The program is made possible through grants from Arts in Stark, Stark County Community Foundation and the Jackson Local Schools Foundation.

Connect the Arts uses visual arts to make the standard curriculum in English language arts more impressionable to students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Susanne Waltman, the principal at Strausser Elementary, said the district is working with four artists in residents to bring the program to the classrooms.

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