Dodsworth in New York

Dodsworth in New York explores the Big Apple and the joys of travel and unexpected friends in this book written by Tim Egan. Sweet on Books explains more:
What You Need to Know:
• New York City is the highlight in this story of Dodsworth and his search for his friend, duck.
• The four short chapters are ideal for young readers anxious to move up to chapter books.
• The ink and watercolor illustrations are sophisticated and entertaining.
• Keep an eye out for the duck who shows up throughout the illustrations.
• As Egan hints at the end of this book, Dodsworth’s next adventure, and Egan’s next book about this appealing character, takes place in Paris.
Book Summary:
Dodsworth is looking for adventure. But first he must eat. With his subtle humor, Tim Egan tells the story of Dodsworth’s journey to New York and the twist it takes because of an unexpected travel companion. Duck – he has no name and goes simply by what he is – sneaks into Dodsworth’s bag and ends up in New York City with him. When Dodsworth suggests he go back home, duck runs off and Dodsworth spends the rest of the book chasing after him.
Although chasing after duck wasn’t exactly the adventure that Dodsworth had planned, he realizes in the end that looking for duck was an adventure in itself. All of the characters are animlas with human characteristics – although exactly what kind of animals they are is hard to tell.
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