This is a Moose: Book Review from Sweet on Books

This Is a Moose explores friendship, adventure and individuality. The book is beautifully written by Richard T. Morris  and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. Read Melissa Gaynor’s review from Sweet on Books:

What You Need to Know:

  • This Is a Moose is laugh out loud funny.
  • This story will appeal to a vast age range, due to the clever nature of the story: very young readers and their older siblings can read it together.
  • This is one of those books adults won’t mind reading over and over again.
  • The set-up of this book is original, with text bubbles and terrific illustrations, adding to the enjoyment

Sweet Book Summary:

This is a Moose is hilarious. It’s a story of a moose who has big, big dreams. He dreams of being an astronaut. Problem is, he is filming a movie about the life of a moose. His director is exasperated that he is not acting like a proper moose. The director would like to see the moose drink from the lake, eat leaves – do moose things. Moose are not astronauts, they are not lacrosse goalies and they aren’t friends with giraffes! When the director reaches his boiling point, he takes a look around and realizes something: not everyone needs to do what is expected of them, including the director, who is a duck!

This is a Moose will make kids laugh and will provide some comfort to kids who are feeling like they don’t “fit the mold”. I also think it will provide an empathetic view for all kids, maybe it’s ok if your friend wants to “color outside the lines”.


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