Chloe, Instead


Chloe, Instead is a story of a young girl who must learn deal with a new sibling named Chloe.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• This story highlights how it feels for a young girl to adjust to her new sibling.
• This book would be a great “big sister” gift.
• The action-packed illustrations are sure to hold your reader’s attention.
• Micah Player worked for Paul Frank as a designer and creative director. Chloe, Instead is his first picture book.

Sweet Book Summary:
“This is my house. At least it used to be.”

Those few words say it all. With minimal text and vibrant illustrations, this story shares how a little girl feels about Chloe, her younger sister who has changed her life. Her emotions are clear on every page, from the first two-page spread, where she sits contentedly alone with a telling family picture of only 3 on the wall, to the center spread of her full-blown screaming, “Chloe!” when her frustration with her little sister seems to explode. Little Chloe’s exuberance seems to burst off the pages as she flails clothing, flings toilet paper and devours cookies. In a scenario many kids will relate to, the siblings seem to have no common interests, and the older one most cope with her stuff being touched, tampered with and often destroyed. After she reaches that boiling point, though, things turn around, as they often do. Big sister timidly peers around the corner and young Chloe cautiously approaches her, and they finally find an activity that they can happily do together. As they later share a hug, they seem to realize that while life may be simpler when you’re alone, it is actually better when it’s shared with someone else.

The illustrations really shine in this book. These wide-eyed, expressive sisters are larger than life. Bright colors fill the pages, the characters are incredibly engaging, and there are many funny details, like the “BOOP” that appears as Chloe sneaks in to press a key as her sister practices the piano. Because Chloe’s feelings are so clear and the circumstances will likely be familiar to many kids, this story may help them to understand their emotions as their own families grow. Chloe and her big sister are a hit and are sure to keep readers coming back for more.

Author: Micah Player Illustrator: Micah Player Published: 2012, 32 pages
Themes: Babies, Feelings, and Siblings

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