Reading Kingdom is Keeping us on Track this Summer!

Here’s what the blogger of My Wild And Crazy Live has to say about our unique and helpful approach:educational-apps
I struggled with how candid to be about Child #3’s real life struggles when writing this post.  I decided to be completely upfront about our background history so you can understand a little before the actual review.  Because of some complications in my pregnancy with a severe case of MRSA and lots of medicines I had to take that  in essence killed the virus and kept us alive/made us well again that are not normal meds taken during pregnancy, my 3rd child has always been slightly delayed.

It really wasn’t a major issue:  she walked a little later, talked a little later, lost her speech impediment later, etc than most children.  It affects her gross motor skills so things like riding a bike, holding things, using scissors, etc were quite the challenge for a while, and almost all has resolved itself.

In her school work, it’s barely noticeable until you get to things like writing and reading. Her handwriting has been a very hard subject for her because no matter how hard she has worked, it’s just difficult to write neater, and her teacher who has experience in this thinks it will right itself with hard work by another 18 months.  Note: she can write fine, it’s just very messy like a doctor’s handwriting typically is.

With reading, she has been remedial since day one.  It has been a real concern for me, and you would think that since I taught school in another lifetime, I would be able to help her excel at this.  We have tried, but the harder she works, the harder it seems, and I am out of ideas.  Again, her teacher thinks it will “right itself,”   but since she is going into the 4th grade and still going out for remedial lessons, she is very embarrassed about it.   I am taking matters into my own hands.

I found a great online resource known as Reading Kingdom that is for ages 4-10 (she’s 9).  This program is actually tailored for most children, and I could use it for my four year old who is currently reading 3 letter words.

However, this program is based on one of the world’s top experts on reading and language development, Dr. Marion Blank from Columbia University, and it uses a patented “6-SIM” (Six Skill Integrated Method) technique which shows awesome results.  This not only teaches to read, but specializes in what I like to call “different readers:” Children on the Spectrum, Dyslexia, ADD, and children with Learning disabilities.

This made me decide to use this for Child #3 as a “last ditch effort” before having my daughter tested.  I know you are wondering why I haven’t already, but she tested simply delayed for speech issues that did resolve themselves, and she not only does fine, she is number one in her class for every other subject including Math.  This makes me want to try a different approach to see if we can resolve this before next school year.

So, we have been using the Reading Kingdom program every day.  The program is set up like a game, so it is something fun to complete, and it suggests that parents not get involved in helping the children, merely encourage them to read the screen and give their best answer.  It begins with several skill testing “Games.”

The screen doesn’t tell her how well she did, just congratulating her good work, and it sends me email updates to tell me her progress.  Tara tested in at a beginning level 1 (I believe this is first grade level) in reading, and I cried.  I knew she was way behind, but as I sat in the background watching her do her tests I realized, she doesn’t know how to sound out many words, she merely makes the best educated guess at them based on the picture and the rest of the words she knows.  Now I know she probably got pushed ahead when she was learning the foundations of reading, and it is catching up to her now.

She has continued to use this program daily, and I am already seeing improvement in how well she is reading.  She loves this program and asks every day if she can do her “homework.”  I love that she thinks she is playing a game, but she is learning.  I also love that she doesn’t know or realize how far behind she was when she started.  Of course she is still behind, but she is working ahead.

This program doesn’t waste time teaching her things she already knows.  It takes into account her correct answers, and what she is getting wrong.  The next game will have things she doesn’t know and omit what she has already gotten right!

We are going to continue to use this curriculum, and I can’t wait to see how she continues to succeed!  I know that just the progress we have seen already is enough for me to make sure she continues to use this program until she has gone through the last level!

So, tell us:  How would this curriculum help you?  Would it be a great reading program to teach a little one to read, a curriculum to stay on task during the summer months, or like in our case a way to play “catch up” during break time?


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