Bears on Chairs


Bears on Chairs is the story of 5 bear friends who must learn to share.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• Bears on Chairs is a sweet, simple story about sharing.
• It is perfect for the youngest child as soon as he/she is ready to sit and listen.
• The story’s message that sharing is a good idea is so simply conveyed, it might even tame the most dictatorial    toddler.
• The illustrations are darling, in pastel colors, with the most cuddling-looking bears.

Sweet Book Summary:
Bears on Chairs is a charming, uncomplicated story about sharing. There are five bears and four chairs, what’s a bear to do? Share, of course. Although, because these are very young bears it takes a little while, 32 pages to be exact, for them to put their tiny little bear brains together to make it happen. Lucky for your young reader, because it creates an engaging little story in the meantime.

“Four happy bears on four small chairs. Not a bear has to share.” But when big brown bear comes along, they are stumped. “Big brown bear looks for a chair. There is none there for that big bear.” The picture of Big Brown bear looking dejected is soooo sad! Even the youngest will be compassionate. Each tiny little bear in their chair tries something different to accommodate their friend, who is different than them, by the way. So nice little message about tolerance, too. Finally, when they push all four chairs together, does every bear have a seat. A chair “…for all five bears! Now it’s fair! The bears all share!” Great book for community building as well in a pre-school – kindergarten classroom.

Author: Shirley Parenteau Illustrator: David Walker Published: 2009, 32 pages
Themes: Friendship, Sharing, Animals – Bears, Rhyming Language, Excellent Read-Aloud, Exquisite Illustrations

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