Big Kicks


Big Kicks is a book that teaches children that being different is ok.  The book is reviewed by Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• Big Kicks is a sweet book that celebrates individuality.
• It also imparts a nice, strong message about the danger in judging someone on looks alone. Personally, I believe this is a message we can’t start talking to our kids about early enough.
• Kolar does a great job of teaching this very adult message in a really kid-friendly way.

Sweet Book Summary:
Big Kicks is the story of Biggie Bear who lives in a busy little town, where he enjoys stamp-collecting, playing jazz, and eating peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches.  One day, the town soccer team comes knocking.  They need Biggie to fill in for Brown Dog, who has come down with fleas.  It doesn’t matter that Biggie has never played soccer before, it’s his size they want!

Predictably, Biggie doesn’t play well, although children will enjoy the soccer goal he scores completely by accident, when he bends over to pick up a very rare stamp he spots on the ground. The team is elated.  They celebrate that Biggie helped them win, although they realize he is not meant for the game of soccer, so, instead, Biggie becomes their biggest fan. Everyone (including the readers) realizes they can’t always judge someone on looks alone.

Author: Bob Kolar Illustrator: Bob Kolar Published: 2008, 40 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Sports-Soccer, Individuality, Diversity, Books for Boys

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