Children can learn to read in minutes a day!

LaDonna is a mom on a mission to get her children to learn to read.  She uses our groundbreaking approach to literacy and here’s what she thinks:

“First, I want to say that I absolutely love this program!! In fact I love it so much that I purchased a membership for Nathan (My review was only for Rylee)…It works. A 20 minute painless session each day and she is learning not only how to read the words fast but also how to spell them and understand what she is reading. It truly is a great program.
The first part of the program is more of a typing lesson in my opinion. Looking back it was necessary so that she can use the program on her own now. Once her account was set up, it was easy enough for Rylee to start and complete the program without any help each day. There are not a lot of distractions like rewards and games and things. There are many different ways they teach each word once you get to the lessons. It is wonderful that it adapts to fit your child’s need.

Verdict:  I think it is a great program and worth every penny!” — LaDonna Hoyden

If you want a clear, focused program that teaches children to read using all of the skills needed to build a strong foundation for literacy success, click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our reading software.   Our unique, patented system was designed by one of the world’s top experts in literacy, Dr. Marion Blank, and has turned thousands of parents and educators into faithful followers.  Sign up today, we hope to see you soon!