Children have hidden abilities for learning to read!

Learning to read using a full range of literacy lessons is essential to teach reading and writing.  Heather is a mom who sees the benefits of our comprehensive learning approach.  Here’s what she thinks about Reading Kingdom and the groundbreaking way we’re teaching kids to read.

“Reading Kingdom helps teach children to read up to the third grade level. But it’s not just that, as my son, Bug, puts it ‘Mom, there’s only a little reading, but a lot of writing!’ This program doesn’t have the child simply read something, or sound out words and answer questions. In Reading Kingdom, the child learns early computer skills, to include using the mouse, and typing on the keyboard (including punctuation, and use of the shift key). They practice spacing, punctuation and some grammar mechanics. They have to remember words previously seen, and practice spelling. All these activities keep the game interesting and change often enough that Bug doesn’t get bored playing it.

Reading Kingdom doesn’t bog a child down with spelling rules or sounding out of words. Instead, it focuses on helping a child learn 100 core ‘sight words’ that are used often in the English language, as well as by presenting the children what they call “hidden abilities”, which help the children discern what pronunciation they will use based on grammar and spelling rules. By introducing kids carefully to different words and situations, they help hone the readers “hidden abilities” to teach them to read, without ever having to memorize these rules.

Bug really enjoys the program…Reading Kingdom has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool. It is a different method to teach reading and writing that we have been using, and it has been a wonderful reinforcement for Bug.” — Heather Aliano

When you see what Reading Kingdom can do, you’ll be just as happy as the thousands of parents and educators already using our program.  Introduce our online learning software into your home or classroom by signing up for a free 30 day trial and foster a love for literacy in your children today!