Children are learning to read independently!

Lindsey from Kindred Spirit Mommy blog has her four year old daughter using Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she has to say about our online learning program:

“One of our favorite learning activities is Reading Kingdom, an online teaching program that my daughter can log into every day.  For her, it’s like a computer game – she gets to “play” independently. The draw is strong, she loves to do her daily “reading blessing” (lesson) or “owl blessing” as she calls it with all the cute characters, bright colorful scenes, and fun sound effects.  The lessons are short and she gets an award at the end of each one saying she finished her lesson for the day.  From her point of view, it’s the best way possible to learn to read!

Reading Kingdom is basically set up to let your child work independently at his or her own pace. The program assesses your child’s skills and teaches them exactly what they need to learn.  It quickly figures out whether your child is ready for an activity by asking them to do a specific task.  If they can’t do it, then the task is immediately simplified so they can work up to learning how to do it.

I really love that Reading Kingdom is something Emma can do independently.  They actually tell you in the very beginning not to help your child with the answers, that way the program can assess your child’s skill level and start them out in the right place.  If you’re helping your child by telling them the answers, then obviously they aren’t learning it for themselves (and the program won’t know to give them more of those learning activities), so this makes perfect sense to me.  I glued my lips shut… and it was harder not to help than I thought it would be!  😉  But I was proud to see how Emma progressed by herself.” – Lindsey Freitas

Watch your children learn to read independently by getting them started with Reading Kingdom.  Read testimonials from parents and teachers across the country then sign your kids up for 30 days free to foster a love for literacy in your children.  We hope to see you soon!