Children who learn to read with Lingo achieve mastery!

Finding a program that’s just right for a child can be challenging – like one of Goldilocks quests. But the Reading Kingdom takes out the guesswork because it is “just right” as a way to lead children to a love of learning.  Amy uses Reading Kingdom with her daughter; here’s what she thinks about the program:

“The lessons are short-no more than 15 minutes each, and maybe even as fast as about 5 minutes depending on the child.  Mastery must be attained or the child does not progress, but as I’d watch my daughter stumble from time to time, I was impressed that the route to mastery is not daunting, and is done so sequentially that even when she had to spend a little longer learning a word, my daughter never got discouraged.

There are enough “frills” that my 7 year old thought it was fun, but not so many that the program becomes just another reading game.  My daughter is very delayed in reading, and I really appreciated the lack of any reference to grade levels.  My daughter has no idea that she tested at the beginning of the program when a “normal” child her age would have tested higher, and as a mom, that means a lot to me.  It is very interesting to watch the program adapt to your child’s responses-giving them more activities with a word that is causing them trouble, and moving more quickly with words that they have good mastery of.

I also really, really like that the students learn to type each word, and to type words in sentences.  They must capitalize the letter that starts the sentence, and they must use correct punctuation within the sentence, including putting a space after a comma.  I think it’s brilliant that they are teaching the children how to type sentences correctly in addition to just reading them.

Oh, and reports are e-mailed to parents each week about your child’s progress, plus parents can log in and see how their child is doing… Reading Kingdom has become part of “school” for my daughter.  She does it every day, and will continue to this whole year.  I have seen an improvement in her reading outside of the program, and I’m also seeing a desire on her part to read some “real books”.” — Amy Anthony

Now that you’ve discovered Reading Kingdom, there’s no longer a need to look for the online reading program that’s “just right.”  Reading Kingdom’s unique approach to teach reading to children has pleased thousands of parents and teachers around the world.  If you want to see the results in your own children, click here for a free 30 day trial and foster a love of literacy in your children today!