Classic Reading Instruction Isn’t Enough. Here’s why:


The patented “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method developed by Dr. Marion Blank has been awarded multiple times for the advantages it provides over classic teaching methods and this mom was the latest to find out why.

Here’s what she has to say about our unique approach:

“Reading Kingdom uses a very different approach from the typical phonics or whole language programs.  It does not ignore these proven techniques, but acknowledges that for many children, this is not enough.  Two of my children have learned to read just fine with these other approaches, I am not saying they don’t work.  I have seen evidence though, that sometimes more is needed.  Reading Kingdom has been so thoroughly researched and developed to provide just that.

I may not understand all those details, but I don’t have to.  I’ve seen the evidence of various approaches and do understand that Reading Kingdom is different.  My children who have used it have made great progress in their reading.  My children who have used it/are using it within the age range are enjoying the game-like feel to it.  They do not like when their time is up and they have to let someone else have their turn.

It is difficult for us to share our one computer, but this program is worth the juggling.  It may seem to be just a computer game — but it is so much more.”

When children are taught all six skills, they easily master both reading and writing.  Get started today with a free 30 day trial!