The creators of Reading Kingdom have created a program specifically for children on the autism spectrum. The program is called “ASD Reading.” Here is a review of that program.

ASD Reading Review “Our son is definitely benefiting from the unique style of teaching.”


“ASD Reading is ideal for children that are anywhere on the Autism Spectrum including both non-verbal and verbal. It is specifically designed for children that are not yet reading or struggling in learning to read as well as those that decode well but have problems with comprehension. The ideal ages are 4-10 though I believe certainly a child over age 10 that is still struggling to learn to read would benefit from it as well.

Reading Kingdom is web based, so there is nothing to download to your computer, and your child’s progress is always saved. No matter where you are, your child(ren) can hop on a computer connected to the internet and pick up right where they left off. This is also great if you have multiple computers in the home and the children use both like ours do.

Our son is definitely benefiting from the unique style of teaching.  Plus he really enjoys ASD Reading which means I don’t have to convince him he needs to do it regularly because he wants to do it!

— Emilee Roberts

Children on the spectrum will benefit from ASD Reading’s unique style of teaching.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.