The creators of Reading Kingdom have created a program specifically for children on the autism spectrum. The program is called “ASD Reading.” Here is a review of that program.

ASD Reading Review “Do I Recommend This Program? An astounding YES!!!



“The sessions are fun, colorful and interactive. I had no problems with my daughter understanding the directions for any of the activities. She never once asked me to explain something. What she did ask me was…Can I please play the dinosaur game? Which is what she refers to the ASD Reading program as.

Each session seemed to only take about 15 minutes, we have yet to have a day when my daughter only wants to do one session. She typically completes 3-4 sessions.

What Did We Think? I really adore this program. This was perfect for what I needed right now as that extra boost to my daughters progress in reading and other language arts. Again my daughter, did not need any help from me on this program, not even logging in. She has needed help using other computer games and iPad games.

And again another aspect, I love is how every aspect builds on itself so my daughter was never surprised to move on to the next level. It slowly adds in punctuation as the child proceeds through each lesson but uses the same cartoon characters, fill-in-the-blanks, find the words and many other activities so your child knows exactly what to do. If they get it wrong, they offer helpful hints.

Do I Recommend This Program? An astounding YES!!! Anyone with a reader who is struggling should sign up and check it out because they offer a free 30 day trial! What do you have to lose?”

— Wendi Rogers

 ASD Reading is the only program specifically designed for children on the spectrum. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial and see how amazingly effective it is.