The difference our reading program makes

Jennifer explains how her children are using Reading Kingdom and why our approach brings real results to her family:

“There are so many reading programs out right now on the market.  Some are specifically in book form and work on particular reading skills, such as phonics.  Others are colorful and flashy books to help teach reading and are very “busy”.  Still others are online as a series of games and the parent is left wondering if their child is actually learning anything or just playing games.

One program that we have tried with two of my kids is Reading Kingdom.  This program DOES work on phonics and comprehension like many of those book programs.  It is also an online site that is somewhat in game form, so the kids get the flash and fun of an online program with built in virtual incentives to move on.  However, parents needn’t wonder if their child is ACTUALLY learning.  Just sitting next to your child to see what they are doing will tell you what you need to know about how this program works!  Through the progression of the program, as the child shows proficiency to move on, the student will systematically build on what they have learned and begin to cover new skills.

Reading Kingdom is an online-based reading instruction program for students roughly aged 4-10.  I believe this age range to be accurate, and I have used it with both of my older children at about age 5.  If you have a very bright and above average 3 year old, this program could probably work for you.  Additionally, if you have an older student that requires some remedial work, this program could work beyond age 10.  The program itself is not babyish like other reading software I have seen, so the age range could be extended higher if there is a need, probably up to age 13 or 14, in my opinion.

A neat component of this program is the initial placement test.  This will actually place your child in the correct part of the program and meet them at their current ability level.  You can see how far along your child is moving in the program from the main screen before starting the program where it will tell you how far into the particular section your child has worked, as well as the overall percentage of the program they have completed.  It has a little icon to tell you how well your child is doing as far as the quality of their work.  This is helpful so that skills can be revisited or could signal to the parent that they may need to sit down next to their student for a few sessions to make sure that their student is paying attention and understanding what the program is telling them to do.

I love that Reading Kingdom provides a challenge for users using a predictable, encouraging, and colorful interface!  It really helps keep motivation up!” – Jennifer Land

Children who use Reading Kingdom see the fun in learning to read, while parents quickly recognize how our reading program separates itself from the rest of the field.  Created by one of the world’s top experts in literacy, Dr. Marion Blank, Reading Kingdom teaches children how to read and write up to the third grade level using all six skills needed for complete literacy success.  Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our online reading program – we hope to see you soon!