Dinosaur books for kids: Dinosaur Cousins?

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Dinosaur Cousins? by Bernard Most, is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended dinosaur books for kids. Melissa Young explains why:

“What You Need to Know:
• Another perfect book for the dinosaur lover in your life.

• This is an oldie but a goodie. Amazon is still selling it through some sellers, but you will probably have better luck at the library. It’s worth finding it!

• Great read-aloud and another picture book that can be looked through and poured over again and again.

• Even non-dinosaur fans will enjoy comparing the dinosaurs to modern day animals. This is one of those interesting
books that helps make (pre-historic) history tangible for young minds.

A whimsical look at what animals around us today remind us of dinosaurs. Even though dinosaurs haven’t roamed the earth in many millions of years, Most helps children see the possible ancestry in current day animals. Could a rhinoceros have descended from a triceratops? After posing these questions, the author than gives a little bio on each dinosaur. Your dinosaur fan will be in heaven, with all the information. And as I mentioned before, even your young readers not that interested in paleontology will enjoy the comparison game. The illustrations are amazing. This book has really stood the test of time. “

Have your children read Dinosaur Cousins? What did they think of the book?

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