Drawing Apps for Kids: How to Draw



Drawing apps for kids foster a creative spirit and encourage them to make unique artwork of all different types.  “How to Draw” is one of Reading Kingdom’s recommended apps for kids. Our friends at YogiPlay explain why:

This app leads kids through a step-by-step process of drawing subjects ranging from from dogs and dinosaurs to tanks and a space shuttle. An animated pencil draws the first line, while a voice describes it. The child then traces the line, which disappears, leaving only the child’s version. This process continues until the child has their own drawing, which they can then color in or send via email. While the app does not do much to support drawing as an aesthetic expression, it does a good job helping kids learn techniques that they may be able to use on their own. The visual style of the app mimics a pad of white paper with light blue graph lines. It has a very simple and clean look, with no distracting elements, appropriate to its topic.

How to Draw is available for download on iTunes for $1.99.  Click here to download.

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