Educational games for preschoolers: Where’s Waldo

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If you have a preschooler who is not yet reading, but you want to get him or her ready to read, there are a number of educational games for preschoolers that will develop the skills required for reading and nurture a love of reading.

Recommended educational game for preschoolers – Where’s Waldo

One of the basic skills needed for reading readiness involves the visual realm and it covers the left-to-right sequencing skills that are required for scanning words and sentences. This seems so obvious that we often take it for granted. But what is generally not realized is that reading is the only activity that ever demands this skill. For example, a mug is a mug regardless of whether the handle is facing to the left or the right. That’s not the case with letters (such as b-d) or words (such as net-ten, post-stop, item-time).  Because this skill is never demanded in daily life, children are not prepared for it when they start dealing with the printed page.

Games that ask children to find “hidden” items in pictures, such as Where’s Waldo, help to develop these visual skills.

Requirements: A Where’s Waldo book, or app, or online game.

How to play: Have your child spot the hidden items.

How to win:
Find as all of the hidden items.

Skills developed: visual skills, which is a requirement for reading.

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