Educational Websites Lingo Likes: What’s it like where you live?


Children are always eager to discover new environments and ecosystems.  Educational websites like “What’s it like where you live?” answer that question in a fun and informative way.  Here’s more about them from their website:

The MBGnet project began in the mid-nineties as a collaboration between the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Evergreen Project. Together we created a series of videos about terrestrial biomes and aquatic habitats called What’s It Like Where You Live? The MBGnet website was based on these videos and gives additional information about the ecosystems. The site was maintained by the Evergreen Project until January 2000, when the Evergreen Project was sold (along with the MBGnet videos and website) to Ask Jeeves Inc.

In the summer of 2002, the Missouri Botanical Garden gained ownership of the website and videos from Ask Jeeves.

In early 2005, the Garden launched its newest addition to the MBGnet site: The Biology of Plants. This site is based the Biology of Plants video series, geared to grades K-3.

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