Elementary school students write grant, open ‘Little Free Library’ in Johnson County

By Buddy Forbes for wymt.com

When Porter Elementary School’s Community Problem Solving Team noticed a lack of passion for reading in their community, they knew it was something they wanted to address.

“We were in a doctor’s office once and everybody was on their phone,” said sixth-grade student Emily Triplett. “And we were like, ‘Man, why can’t they be having books in their hands instead?”

Triplett and the other Problem Solvers said they believe the disconnect from reading comes from a connection to something else.

“Most people nowadays they’re so overwhelmed and obsessed with phones and iPads and computers and games,” said Jacob Horn, fifth-grader.

The students created a survey, using Google Classroom for the older students and paper surveys for the younger kids, looking into reading patterns and possible obstacles.

“We realized that kids wanted to read more. And we wanted to help them do that,” said fourth-grade student Rachel Horn.

The surveys showed that the majority of the students in the school did not enjoy reading and rarely read for entertainment. The majority of the younger students said they do not have a person at home with whom they read, making it harder for them to learn and almost impossible for them to enjoy.

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