Family Summer Activity Alternatives During Covid-19

By Sarah Garone for

Picture the perfect summer and you might envision barbecues with friends, pool parties, and sightseeing vacations. There’s always plenty to look forward to about the season of sun. But with the coronavirus pandemic changing the landscape of available—and acceptable—activities, summer 2020 may look a bit different than usual.

Despite the disappointment of canceled concerts, cruises, and camps, with a little creativity, it is still possible to have a fun summer as a family. We’ve rounded up a list of alternatives for activities that might be taking a hiatus this summer. Here are dozens of options to make this season one to remember.

When You Can’t Visit the Pool 

Swimming is synonymous with summer—but social distancing protocols may mean limited access to public or community pools this year. If your go-to swimming locale has closed its doors, consider these options.

  • Use a lawn sprinkler. Provided you have yard space, go old-school, and haul out a lawn sprinkler for kids to run around in. You might even get the urge and run through it yourself.
  • Get a kiddie pool. It may not be the height of luxury, but in a pinch, an inexpensive kiddie pool is better than nothing! Cool off in one of these refillable plastic shells. 
  • Have a squirt gun fight. Sometimes you don’t feel like taking the whole plunge into a pool, anyway. Spritz each other with squirt guns instead.
  • Go to a lake. Pools may be off-limits, but many lakes are still open for public swimming. If there are lakes in your area, be sure check their current swimming restrictions before heading out.

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