Filling the Gaps as Children Learn to Read

The right recipe for teaching children to read can be found in Reading Kingdom’s “Integrated Six Skill Method”.  Brandy is a parent who introduced Reading Kingdom to her daughter to produce a reading remedy.  Here’s what she has to say about how our approach can consistently teach children how to read and write.


Brandy Arivett – Not So Average Mama

“Reading Kingdom is helping my daughter work on some of the areas she was having problems with before.  She likes to use it and says it is fun.  Thing is?  We don’t require her to do it.  She is welcome to log on when she wants to and this instills a deeper drive in her to learn, because she is doing it because she wants to.” — Brandy Arivett, Not So Average Mama

Our formula for success can be applied to any reader, regardless of learning level.  Reading Kingdom can even successfully help struggling readers learn to read while they have fun.  Click here for a free 30 day trial of our online reading program and see how Lingo and company can bring success into your home or classroom today!