Foods that Promote Brain Power

We all know that the fatty acids found in fish is great for brain development. In fact, growing up in our family, we were told fish is “brain food” and we had to eat it at least once a week.

The good news is thar fish isn’t the only “brain food” out there. And, if you’ve got picky eaters at your house, try these foods to help encourage brain development and learning skills.

1.Oatmeal. Packed with fiber, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids, oatmeal is a great source for brain development. And, sending the kdis off to school with a good breakfast will help stave off hunger and let them focus on learning.

2.Avocados. Filled with the “healthy fat” avocados are perfect for filling an appetite.

3. Nuts. Filled with healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates, nuts are the perfect snack that will stave off hunger pangs, and give your child energy throughout the day.

4. Olive oil. Studies show that healthy fats keep the brain functioning at optimal levels. Too little fat can lead to foggy thinking, and that decreases the chance your kids will retain all that they learn in school. Sneak some fat into a smoothie, or use it to fry up an egg. And speaking of…

5. The incredible egg. Nothing packs more of a protein punch than an egg. The egg is a perfect package with just the right amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate to satiate a hungry belly and keep the kiddos full until lunchtime.

It goes without saying that having a healthy breakfast can help your child do better in school. Giving them the right nourishment at the right time can keep them fuller longer, avoid sugary highs and lows, and give them the foundation for a great day.