10 Funny Kids School Jokes


Jokes are a great way to connect with children. They’re also a great way to break the ice, lighten the mood after a bad day, and help build a strong self-esteem.  At Reading Kingdom we like to have fun as we help spread literacy across the globe.

Today, we’re letting the laughter loose as we share funny kids school jokes about different subjects from “Real Kids’ Jokes by Real Stand-Up Comics” by Andrea Henry. These academic antics are so silly that you (and your children’s teacher) will be laughing right alongside your little ones as you read these jokes together.

Here are 10 of our favorite kids school jokes:


Which President sounded like an owl?


Aside from Washington, what President never lied?


Geography/Social Studies:

What country should wash its hands?


What country has a lot of happy cats?



What do you call it when two inventors rub up against each other?

Science Friction


Why was the bubble afraid to go to math class?

Because he heard there was going to be a pop quiz.

What’s a parallelogram’s favorite dance?

A square dance

What kind of triangle is absolutely adorable?

An aCUTE one


Where do sailors learn to write more neatly?

The Pen Man Ship

Computer Technology:

Why couldn’t the lumberjack get on the Internet?

He couldn’t log on.”

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