Gardening: How to grow your own organic produce in your yard

Trellised Mexican sour gherkins. (Photo credit: Christy Wilhelmi)

Here is a review of a great new gardening book, “Gardening for Geeks: All the Science You Need for Successful Organic Gardening,”  by one of Reading Kingdom’s friends, Christy Wilhelmi. We highly recommend it.

The book “Gardening for Geeks: All the Science You Need for Successful Organic Gardening” (Fox Chapel Publishing, 2020), by Christy Wilhelmi, arrived just in time, as it focuses on vegetable growing in your own back yard — or front yard, if that’s where it’s sunniest. In the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, self-sufficiency is the order of the day. Upon visiting my neighborhood supermarket as the corona chaos erupted, I noticed that certain vegetables we take for granted had been sold out.

Not only will you have a constant food supply if you grow your own; you could use your crops for barter as well. For example, I imagine that you could probably trade a basket of scrumptious homegrown produce to a neighbor who had an extra supply of something you need but is missing from supermarket shelves even if, as a typical gardener, you are no doubt a caring and sharing soul prone to giving away much of what you grow for free.

Reached by phone, Wilhelmi informed me that she has not really felt the effects of the coronavirus crisis all that much. (You can reach her for consultations at 310-773-4806 or email

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