Getting Organized: Back To School

Getting Organized Back To School

The first few weeks of school means tons of papers coming home.  By now you’re probably swamped with them!  So what are you going to do with these piles of papers?  If you don’t stay on top of them, they can quickly get out of control.

Ideas for Organizing School Paperwork

The first thing to remember is that you do NOT have to save each and every piece of paper that comes home from school with your child.  I know you want to, but fight the urge.  Decide what is worth keeping and what is not.  Believe me, there are things that can be thrown away.


Binders are a good way to store your kids’ school paperwork.  Keep a binder per kid per year.  This makes the documents organized and easy to access.  Your kids can even decorate the binder to make it their own.  The only downside to this option is you’re left with a ton of binders that eventually you’ll have to box up and store away.  This will make accessing the documents at another time a bit difficult.


Using file folders in crates is another great idea.  And you can decorate these with a big ribbon and the child’s name to make them super cute.  You’ll run into a similar issue here as with the binders, however.  You’ll have to store the crates somewhere when they get full.  But these should be pretty easy to go through years down the road when you want to access a document.  So a better option than the binders.

Filing Cabinet

Same concept as the crates, except maybe a little less practical.  You certainly won’t have a full filing cabinet for each child, but maybe a drawer for each child.  I’d be willing to bet the drawer would get full pretty quickly, though.  This option also creates a lot of work on the back end because you’ll have to box up those files at the end of the year.  And, trust me on this one, be super diligent in labeling the boxes correctly with what each box contains.

Electronic Filing System

This is my favorite option because you can store every single piece of paper there, view them anytime from anywhere, never have to worry about anything destroying them, and reduce the clutter in your home.  This is the only way to ensure you  have this paperwork forever.   Using AboutOne’s Education area, you can add a grade level for each child (including a photo and homeroom teacher’s name).  Email documents to your AboutOne Inbox and attach them to the appropriate child’s grade level.  Then add Activities and Notes as they happen.  Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

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