Getting Organized: Children’s Artwork

Getting Organizd - Children's Artwork

Now that school is in full swing, I’ll bet you’re up to your eyeballs already in your kids’ artwork, right?  Yes, it’s all so incredibly adorable, but how do you organize it all?  And no, the trash can is not the answer.

Getting organized with your children’s artwork can be an easy and fun task!

No really…it can!

1.  Store It Electronically

Use AboutOne’s Education area to store the precious masterpieces!  Scan the artwork with your phone, email it to your AboutOne inbox, and attach it to the appropriate child’s grade level.  You can even add this to a family newsletter and send it out!

This way, all of your child’s work is stored in a nice, neat, organized way.  It’s also easily accessible forever.  No need to worry about disasters (natural or otherwise) ruining these priceless memories.

2.  Frame It

This option isn’t as easy, but it can be a great idea for those great pieces to make them stand out.  Choose a nice frame and hang it up proudly.  These are sure to be conversation starters, too!

3.  Box It Up

So we can’t display every single piece of art that comes home, but you can still keep it.  If you’re the kind of person that just has to keep the actual art, good old fashioned filing boxes work well.  Mark each box with the name of your child and grade level.  Store everything from the school year you want to keep.  At the end of the school year, store the box away.

4.  Gift It

What grandparent wouldn’t love a whole book full of your child’s artwork?  Gather a few of your child’s favorite pieces, punch holes down the side, and tie up the holes with pretty ribbons.  These are sure to please!

5.  Mix It Up

Doing a combination of all of the above might  work best for you.  Try framing some, giving some as gifts, AND storing them all electronically (for safe keeping).  This way, you’ll always have them, be able to give sweet gifts, and have some great art to display in your home.


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