Grumpy Bird

Grumpy Bird is a humorous book that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• Grumpy Bird is a simple, funny story all ages will love.
• Young audiences will enjoy this story for its simplicity and brilliant illustrations.
• Older audiences will love it, too, as they will pick up on the subtle humor in the language and the pictures.

Sweet Book Summary:

Grumpy Bird wakes up in a terrible mood. Such a terrible mood that he refuses to eat, he refuses to play and even refuses to fly.  So instead, Grumpy Bird walks.  As he walks the farm he picks up a posse of his unsuspecting friends along the way.  I say unsuspecting because the farm friends all fall in line expecting fun; nobody realizes Bird is stalking around in a bad mood.  By the end of the walk, in spite of himself, Grumpy Bird isn’t so grumpy any more. This one is an all-around winner, who can’t relate to being grumpy???

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