Healthy Snacks for Kids: S’Mores Made Healthier


Healthy snacks for kids are great little energy enhancers to help keep your little ones focused throughout the day.  S’Mores made healthier are a great way to start. Our friend Amy from Super Healthy Kids explains how to make them:

I bought a pineapple that was literally dripping with juice from the bottom it was so ripe! I do believe it was the sweetest pineapple we’ve ever bought.  So sweet in fact, it was the perfect thing to replace our Marshmallows!

There is definitely an art to roasting pineapple.  To give it more of the grilled pineapple flavor, rather than a burned and smoky taste, you’ve got to roast them over coals, rather than straight in the fire.  Either way, these little desserts tasted pretty good!

All we did was to, cut our pineapple and chunks and put on the end of some roasting sticks:

Then, to help it stay altogether, I topped one square of chocolate on one square of graham cracker, and just let it sit next to the fire until the chocolate started to melt.

Delicious! Who needs marshmallows anyway when pineapple has so  many benefits?  According to a 2004 study,

pineapple enzyme bromelain appeared to reduce inflammation associated with asthma. Though bromelain is sold in supplement form, lab tests revealed that fresh and frozen pineapple has as high — and in many cases higher — enzymatic activity compared to pills, which also cannot provide the synergistic interactions with other whole food nutrients that can be lost in isolation.” (Source)

Thanks for being so awesome Pineapple!!

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