12 Holiday Money Tips for Kids

Children always give the best gifts during the holidays. They can also learn a lot about saving money and the importance of giving and receiving when they learn these tips.

Here are 12 tips to help you with holiday giving and receiving: Saving Money, Giving Gifts, Christmas, Holiday Spending, Money for Children

1. Have a plan – be a smart, thoughtful and joyful giver
2. Be like Santa Claus – stay organized. Make a list. Check it twice
3. Have a spending budget for each person on your list. Stick to it and spend smart
4. Discuss and double check your plan with your parents or grandparents
5. Remember, not all great gifts cost money
6. Take advantage of sales and coupons when they make cents (sense)
7. Keep sales receipts. Keep track of the things you buy and who they are for
8. Conserve and be green as often as possible. Reuse holiday ornaments
9. Think of others, especially those less fortunate. Generosity can be contagious
10. Display good manners in all you do. Be a thankful and grateful receiver of gifts
11. Give and share plenty of love, hugs, handshakes, joy, music and well wishes
12. Set a saving goal for 2012!

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