Homeless and parentless, this 20-year-old turned to his 8th grade teacher

From Good Morning America

At 20 years old, Amonte Green was without a family. He was homeless, jobless and as a high school dropout, work options were limited.

Determined to persevere, the young man reached out to Kate Demory — his 8th grade math teacher who he always felt like he could lean on.

“She was very helpful, a very nice person — a person you could go to no matter what,” Green told “Good Morning America.”

“Everything from the past year built up inside and it just broke me,” he said.

Green attended Glenridge Middle School in Orlando, Florida. There he met Demory, his pre-algebra teacher for the 2014-2015 school year.

“He was never disrespectful or rude. He was very polite,” Demory told “GMA.” “He always wanted to help others. He sometimes avoided doing his schoolwork because he didn’t know how to do it.”

“But anytime I worked with him one-on-one, he was willing to put forth some effort for me,” she said.

Because Green enrolled in kindergarten late and was held back in 7th grade, he celebrated his 16th birthday in 8th grade.

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