“House of Bricks”

If you have been binge-watching the third season of “House of Cards” on Netflix, “Sesame Street” has just the thing to make you laugh.

Welcome to “House of Bricks,” a spoof starring the Three Little Pigs and a nefarious character named Frank Underwolf (who sounds an awful lot like Kevin Spacey).

Sesame Street/YouTube

“Sesame Street” parodies Netflix’s “House of Cards” in “House of Bricks.”

In the video posted on YouTube, the wolf huffs and puffs his way to the White (Brick) House with a devious deadpan, channeling Spacey’s Machiavellian politician Frank Underwood. True to Spacey’s “House of Cards” character, Underwolf not only levels a few foundations, he also breaks the fourth wall with a Southern drawl.

“Some people say there’s too much pork in this town,” says Underwolf to the camera, as he approaches the house made of straw. “I could not agree more.”

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