How E.B. White Became My Childhood Pen Pal

Written by Gigi Webb for the Huffington Post



When I was growing up I had an unlikely pen pal in E.B. White, the author of Charlotte’s WebStuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan who passed away 30 years ago this week. We were brought together in part by my own initiative, and in part by contingency — through a coincidence of geography and a horse that shared his name.

The story begins in 1977, when my family moved from Nacogdoches, Texas, to Brewer, Maine. My father moved first, during sub-zero January, to start a new job and buy a house. When school finished, my mother packed up my two older sisters, two ponies, two dogs, and me, and we started our weeks-long trek across the country from Texas to Maine — a state that is cold as all get out, but beautiful all the same.

We were a horse family so we soon joined the local chapter of the U.S. Pony Club and the three-day eventing popular in Maine at that time — dressage, cross-country courses and stadium jumping — became our passion and filled our days.

One afternoon during the weekend of a Puckerbrush Farm three-day event, a neighbor asked me if I would ride a horse that was being shown to potential buyers who wanted to see how good he was with kids (I was around ten-years-old at the time). The horse had previously been called BOB, for “bag of bones” because he was so skinny. A local woman, saddened by his condition, had rescued him from a field, fattened him up, started showing him and renamed him after the author E.B. White, who also lived in Maine.

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