How Oliver Olson Changed The World

Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• Oliver Olson is a wonderful role model of independence for our young boys and girls.
• Mills has created wonderful, in depth characters young readers can’t help but relate to.
• Your young readers will be rooting for Oliver’s fight for independence, and in the process will learn a thing or two about standing on their own two feet.

SweetBook Summary:
Oliver Olson would like to change the world, as his teacher motivates them with the belief that “…one person with a big idea can change the world.” But Oliver has bigger fish to fry on the home front. He can’t change the world until he at least changes his parent’s minds, and persuades them to let him attend the school-wide space sleepover.

Oliver’s parents, mom in particular, are quite protective of Oliver since he was so sickly as a preschooler. But Oliver is starting to bristle at all the protective measures and would just like a little freedom. He especially starts to resent their over-involvement in his school project. His parents actually begin to do the project FOR him, and Oliver says enough! He just wants to do his school-work on his own (good lesson for children and parents – you know those parents – they are out there!).

The growth that takes place for Oliver and his parents is engaging and will send a nice message of independence and autonomy for your young reader. I highly recommend this book!

Author: Claudia Mills Illustrator: Heather Maione Published: 2009, 112 pages
Themes: Humor, Family Life, Behavior, Independence, Books for Boys

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