How to follow a child’s progress in the Reading Kingdom

You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered! We’re thrilled to announce we’ve expanded the reporting features in the Reading Kingdom. Now you can view specific information on the results for each level in the program and each word a child learns.

Here’s how you do it.

Log in to your Reading Kingdom account and click on the reader whose progress you want to follow. Scroll down to the Reader Report section. Here you’ll see how much a reader has progressed through the entire program and where a reader is in the specific format he or she is currently learning.


Below this you’ll see which levels a reader has completed and how a reader performed on each level.


To view specific information on the results for each level in the program and each word a child learns, click on the blue level descriptions within the reader report.


For instance, if you click on one of the Reading/Writing level headings, you’ll see the books that the reader is learning in this level, as well as their performance level in each book.


Most of the icons above are self-explanatory. If you see a “needs attention” icon, observe what the reader is doing for the next lesson or two and then contact us if you need assistance. This icon typically appears if a reader is not paying attention during the lessons. The “not required” icon indicates that a reader already knew the material and consequently skipped the section. Remember that the Reading Kingdom is completely customized to each child, so each child will have a slightly different experience moving through the program.

You can continue to click further into the report to get more detailed information. For instance, if you click on the link to the book you will see how well a reader is doing with each word taught as part of learning that book.


Here you can see all of the words your reader has learned in this book and how well they learned each word.

You can keep clicking on the blue section headings to see more information. To see the formats used to teach a word and how a reader did in those formats, click on the word. For example in the book above, clicking on the word “this” will bring you to this report:


Lastly, you can  choose to enable a weekly email report. To do this click on the “Parents & Teachers” link (which takes you to and then check the box at the bottom that says “Send weekly reader report by email”.


We will continue to update the Reading Kingdom’s reporting and feedback capabilities. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.